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A New Way of Working

The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted all our lives in unprecedented ways. We will be entering into our seventh week of Government #lockdown; which has seen the greatest restrictions placed on the population since World War Two.

First and foremost, the pandemic is a human tragedy. So many families across the world have been devastated with the loss of loved ones. Many are feeling the effects of isolation, stress from huge changes in daily routines and worrying about their finances. The lasting impacts will be felt for many years to come.

For most businesses, this is also a difficult time, full of uncertainty. To ensure survival organisations are rethinking their business models, innovating and creatively finding new ways of working. It is essential that businesses adjust to the changing needs of employees, clients and suppliers; while managing the additional challenges that exist.

At Premier, we have been fortunate to have resumed trading, albeit reduced. Most of our largest clients complete utilities works, including the installation of broadband internet. Now more than ever, the internet is essential in keeping us connected to each other while #socialdistancing measures continue to be in place.

As a Company, we have been proactive from the beginning, with our primary focus on ensuring the safety and well being of all our employees. New operating procedures have been introduced, daily briefings and #ToolboxTalks are now the norm and various practical supports have been implemented to prevent the risk of transmission of #Coronavirus. These changes allow us to ensure we continue to meet our client's needs in a safe way without compromising our quality- which is always our priority.

"There's always an opportunity with crisis. Just as it forces an individual to look inside himself, it forces a company to reexamine its policies and practices."
Judy Smith

The positives to come out of this pandemic are the heartwarming stories of help and support given to those who are vulnerable and need a helping hand. In times like these, we need to support each other and it is great to see the generosity and kindness of people. Of course, there are not enough words to thank and praise the front line staff who continue to demonstrate courage, commitment and care.

We have been helping local businesses by providing advisory signage and temporary coning to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines at no cost. We will continue to support local businesses where we can and help protect people's livelihoods.

For us at Premier, we are returning to a 'new normal.' As with many businesses, we are seeking out opportunities for deeper restructuring to build on our resilience and come out the other side.


Below are some helpful links for business advice and support.

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Chris Jess
Chris Jess
May 01, 2020

Good article.

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