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Lights, Camera, Action!

No... we aren't branching into film production! We will stick to directing traffic!!

Behind the scenes, our traffic management team have been busy supporting a number of filming projects. Most recently, filming finished on The Northman, starring Nicole Kidman, at Torr Head. We closed the roads and escorted vehicles back and forth from the film set. The film is due for release next year and no doubt will be a great watch.

Check out the snaps of our road closure on Belfast Live.


With all the glitz and glamour of film sets, we decided to invest in our own lights (traffic lights obviously! ) This year it has been a priority to invest in resources and add to our inventory. We have also welcomed 11 new staff to our "crew" in the past 3 months and continue to be on the look out for new talent. There are positions available for traffic management operatives so if you're interested or know someone who might be- click here to apply. There are plenty of opportunities for training. Recently, William, Andy and Tom have become new squad leaders. We have been able to add paid compassionate leave and Company maternity/ paternity pay to our staff benefits package.

The Company underwent our annual surveillance audit as part of ISO Quality and Health & Safety Management systems. We are delighted to say we got a 5-star rave review- a real testament to our hardworking and dedicated team.

And finally,

Hasta la vista, baby!


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